As the seasons change—winter melting into spring—fishing enthusiasts need to take changes in climate and weather into consideration when choosing the appropriate gear for their angling adventures. In the early summer, many areas surrounding rivers, lakes, and even the Alaskan coastline, are prone to high waters. This makes the beginning of each new season the ideal time to change up your fishing gear—especially your boots. What kinds of seasonally appropriate options for boots are available to you?

Not too long ago, the state of Alaska declared felt bottoms illegal. Rubber is the only alternative but, but this is a dangerous material in some rivers as it’s doesn’t grip slippery bottoms. Studded boots are a great alternative, but there are many scenarios in which they cannot be worn, such as aircraft, boats, rafts, and other surfaces such as docks, wooden walkways, stairs, decks, and hardwood floors. The soles of studded boots can scuff and do damage to wooden surfaces, making them an inappropriate alternative to felt soled boots.

This leaves anglers with only three options for boots:

  1. Wear rubber soled boots, and be very careful on slippery surfaces
  2. Wear studded boots and cover them when traveling
  3. Wear boots with a removable sole that can be changed when needed

When it comes to rubber boots, we have found Vibram to be the best brand out there. Vibram is an Italian rubber sole company, and the original producers of one of the first rubber lug soles for heavy-utility boots used for mountaineering and outdoors sports. Simms and Orvis sell boots with Vibram soled footwear.

If you prefer studded boots, No See Um Lodge provides slip-on boot covers that you are required to wear when you’re not in the water. We have approximately 15 pairs of Orvis rubber slip-ons that can accommodate any shoe size.

For those who opt for removable soles, Korkers makes the best product available. No See Um Lodge has a Korkers dealership, and can order removable soled boots directly at a special Lodge price. John has personal experience using the Korker Omni Track boot. They are very light and comfortable to wear. The soles are easy to change and stayed on well. They have several great options at different price points and multiple sole variations. We have found that the Redside is a solid, well-built boot at a great price. Ordered with a Vibram and second studded sole produced excellent results. The Vibram is good enough to use most of the time and the studded fills in the few rivers that are a bit trickier wading.

“I have personally worn Korkers for the last three seasons. I have tried several models of Korker boots, all have had the same Omni Track system. It’s a very solid, versatile product that works exactly as advertised. The company has been super to work with and I now have over thirty pairs of loaner Korkers for my guests” –  John Holman- Owner-No See Um Lodge

If you are interested in purchasing Korkers through No See Um Lodge, John will have to place the order for you. They will be shipped directly to you via UPS before your trip, and you can reimburse the lodge upon arrival. For these orders, No See Um Lodge needs your regular shoe size, your choice of products, and your shipping address. The Lodge accepts credit card or check. Before planning your next great fishing expedition, take the time to evaluate the weather conditions, and determine if the gear you already has is appropriate, or if it’s time to upgrade to more seasonally appropriate gear. Boots are a very important component of your fishing gear, and you want to make sure you’re ready to tackle any terrain in the Alaskan outdoors! Contact No See Um Lodge today for more information about fishing gear, and to begin planning your trip.

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