As a guest at No See Um Lodge you will have the opportunity to experience an incredible Alaskan adventure. The lodge is surrounded by scenic mountains, the pristine Kvichak River and wildlife.

While there are several things to do in Anchorage we also have exciting activities around and near the lodge:

  • Fishing — Depending on the season, we have over thirty unique destinations to choose from to catch over 10 different species of fish.
  • Explore wildlife — You never know what you will run into along the river. Whether it’s an encounter with a brown bear, wolves, lynx or the site of a soaring eagle, you might see some amazing wildlife.
  • Photography — Enjoy the breathtaking view of Alaska and capture those moments through a lens.
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve — Explore the landscape and diverse habitat at one of Alaska’s National Parks. There are activities at Brooks Camp or hop on a bus tour of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
  • Amenities at the Lodge — Even if you want to relax for the day we have several amenities at the lodge such as relaxing in our sauna or hot tub with a beautiful view of the river, satellite television and wireless internet. We have a good selection of reading materials and a library of movies.

Whether you decide to fish, explore wildlife, capture Alaska with a photograph, take a trip to Katmai National Park, or relax at the lodge you will be able to set your own schedule and adventure. Contact us to book your Alaskan adventure.

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A great adventure

From the chef, kitchen and room staff to the pilots and fishing guides every need was immediately met. Would be hard to improve on the experience.
- Texasfishingrat

The Ultimate Alaska Fishing (and Bear Viewing) Experience

All you really had to do was tell them when kind of experience you wanted. Big fish, challenging fish, type of fish or combo pack. Our group also had a few who were almost as interested in bears as fish, so they accommodated us well too.
- IslandGuySanDiego

Fantastic !!!

A pleasure to observe. A true comfort to be in the air with them. A great adventure. The guides and staff and fish and location incomparable.
- Tnfish

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