Fishing Seasons in Alaska

fishing seasons in alaska
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Rainbow Trout are available all season and average 3-10 lbs. Rainbows that range from fifteen pounds or more are generally caught in August and September. Dolly Varden or Char are available all season and range 3-6 lbs with large fish, 5-15 lbs in late September. Arctic Grayling are available all season and average 1-3 lbs with larger fish measuring over 20”. Very good surface feeders so generally caught on dry flies. Northern Pike are found throughout Alaska and our area is no exception. Available all season, generally fished with a mouse pattern on the surface, they are ambush feeders with an explosive take. Size average 2-5 lbs up to 20 lbs. Lake Trout can be found throughout the season. While not typically one we target, can be a good fight with size averaging 4-6 lbs up to 30 lbs.

Salmon Fishing Seasons

King or Chinook salmon start running about mid-June and continue until July 31st. Size varies from 10 lbs up to 60lbs. Most of these fish are caught within a day of salt water, are silver to chrome and incredibly strong fighters. Many people prefer eating King Salmon over all other species. Sockeye or Red salmon start running in late June and are available until October. Pound for pound, they are one of the strongest fighters and are typically fished visually. Sockeye Salmon is considered the finest eating salmon available but after mid-July are no longer suitable for eating. Size average 6lbs up to 12lbs. Silver or Coho salmon start into our rivers late July and are available until mid-September. Silver salmon are a very aggressive fish that often strike at surface or top water flies. They generally have explosive runs often into the backing and are considered excellent eating fish. Size average 10 lbs up to 20 lbs. Chum or Keta salmon are available late June thru late August. A superb game fish. Very aggressive, often in large numbers and very strong, they are the most under-rated pacific salmon. More rods are broken on a lightning fast Chum run than any other fish. Not considered a great eating fish but cooked fresh are nearly as good as King. Size average 10 lbs up to 20 lbs. Pink salmon or Humpy run every other year in mass and smaller numbers on off years. Also a very aggressive striking fish, they will attack almost any fly and fight very well considering their smaller size. Also not highly prized for eating purposes and average 3-5 lbs.

For more about Alaska’s “unofficial” fishing seasons read this from the blog!

Type of FishAvailability
Rainbow Troutall Season
Dolly Varden or Charall Season
Arctic Graylingall Season
Northern Pikeall Season
King or Chinook Salmonmid-June thru end of July
Sockeye or Red Salmonlate June thru October
Silver or Coho Salmonlate July thru mid-September
Chum or Keta Salmonlate June thru late August
Pink Salmon or Humpyvaries
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