Experience the Wilderness

Imagine over 20 million acres of wilderness with no roads, very few people and the largest populations of wild rainbow trout, pacific salmon and bears on the planet. This is our playground, we access it using the finest transportation ever devised, the DeHavilland Beaver. Bristol Bay Alaska, Katmai National Park, the Illiamna Trophy Wild Trout Area, the Alagnak Wild River, all part of this magnificent ecosystem.

Experience the Kvichak River

The Kvichak River, the only drainage for the mighty Lake Illiamna, the largest lake in Alaska with over 1000 sq miles and a depth of over 1000 ft. This drainage, along with the Nushigak, Naknek, Alagnak and Eggigek systems, all flow into Bristol Bay. It’s these giant rivers and associated headwaters that provide the habitat necessary to support an average annual sockeye (red) salmon return of near 40 million. Chinook (king), coho (silver), chum (keta) and humpy (pink) also run up these rivers by the millions.

Experience the Fish

It’s these staggering numbers of salmon that have enabled the Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus, or wild rainbow trout to not only survive the harsh environment but thrive in a way not seen anywhere in the world. Rainbow trout, fresh water fish not ocean going steelhead, that reach lengths over 35” and weighing in over 20lbs!

Experience the Region

Alaska is the land of giant. Vast distances, giant land mammals, towering mountains flanked by impossibly vast forests stretching to a never ending coastline. Roughly 400 million acres. In all this wilderness, only the Bristol Bay region supports large numbers of rainbow trout. Billions of salmon eggs, the bodies of adults and juvenile salmon provide the main protein mass. Supplemented with aquatic insects, invertebrates and small mammals, the rainbow has become the apex predator in most of our systems. The region also supports a variety of other fresh water species. Arctic char, grayling, lake trout and northern pike can be found in many locations and in some cases, great numbers. Bears, wolves and lynx thrive in the region alongside moose and caribou.

It’s on this canvas that we will introduce you to an adventure of a lifetime.

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