We hope you’re all doing well, as we reflect on another season full of adventure and camaraderie. We’re thrilled to share our highlights from the past season.

Our summer kicked off with a bountiful sockeye return and typical Southwest Alaska weather. While the King Salmon return remained disappointing due to over fishing concerns, we continued our efforts to protect what remain of the returns.

Now, let’s talk about the trout season!  Our guests were treated to some of the best trout fishing experiences of their lives, with trophy-sized catches and unforgettable memories.  The trout fishing was consistently good throughout the summer in the usual spots.  But we were also able to get back to some rivers and creeks that we haven’t fished in years and rediscover those areas. Into the fall we saw many 30-inch fish caught and many elated clients to go along with them.  Given the abundant sockeye returns, we expect to continue to have productive trout fishing next summer.

Many of you have inquired about the status of the Pebble Mine project, and we’re happy to report that it remains blocked. We’re hopeful that, with ongoing vigilance, it won’t rear its head again for a while.

This past spring, we took on several improvement projects, including a beautiful new gazebo lawn and a relaxing massage chair (fondly nicknamed Serena). We also built a new staff cabin, revamped the kitchen, and gave our office a much needed makeover. Shawn and Melissa have been loving the new stove/oven, and we’ve all enjoyed the delicious creations that have come out of our kitchen.

Looking ahead to 2024, our weeks are filling up quickly. If you’re considering a return next summer, please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your options. We hate to disappoint our valued guests by turning them away due to space limitations. We won’t be making any rate increases for the coming season, while we’re not anticipating a decrease either.  We’re grateful for your continued support through these inflation struggles. 

As for the winter, I am not planning any hosted trips, but am exploring exciting opportunities for the following year. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming adventures.  If you’re interested in hosted trips you can sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know.

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