Kings and Trout on a swung fly

If you’ve been looking to fish Alaska with a two-handed rod…spring is the perfect time of year for it! Early in the season the trout are hungry and aggressive, and will absolutely attack streamers and mice. This offers a great opportunity to work on your technique with a lot of positive reinforcement. Towards the end of June we shift our attention towards swinging for kings. There’s not much that can compare to hooking a 20+ pound king on a spey rod!

When fishing for rainbows we recommend a 11′-12.5′ 6wt switch or spey rod. Depending on the water conditions, and your preference, you could be fishing a mouse with a floating line or streamers on sink tips. You can read about a recent guest’s experience fishing for trout with a switch rod on our blog.  King fishing will be on the Nushagak and/or Alagnak, two of Alaska’s best salmon rivers. We will be using 12.5′-14′ 9 or 10 weight spey rods and fishing heavy, with sink tips and big streamers.

Experienced spey caster?

Great! We will get you right into fishing. However, one of the best things about spey casting is that there’s always ways to improve. So we can help you fine tune your casting motion and your fishing techniques.

Never picked up a spey rod, or just getting started?

Not a problem! On Monday we will offer an afternoon of spey casting instruction to get you started. Whether you are a total beginner to fishing with a two-handed rod, or are looking to improve your skills, we will customize the instruction to your level and goals. Over the course of the week we will keep working with you to give you a solid foundation to build on.

Alaska’s Spring Weather

Of course we can’t talk about June in Alaska without mentioning the weather! The average highs are in the low 60’s and there’s that midnight sun. All of that sunlight makes for a stunning landscape with bright greens and all shades of vibrant wild flowers. With daily fly outs you really get a chance to enjoy all the different scenery from the ground, and the sky. It’s a great time of year for Alaskan adventures!

Contact us for more details or to book your spot!

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