First Class Fishing Lodge on the Kvichak River

Overlooking the pristine waters of the Kvichak River in Southwest Alaska. No See Um Lodge is centrally located between several fisheries and our average flight to any destination is about 30 minutes. Our convenient location on the Kvichak gives us the opportunity to fish right in our own backyard using one of our inboard jet boats. This also gives us the ability to go out by boat if the weather prohibits flying.

With our fleet of Beavers we can access over 30 rivers and streams for world-class trout, char, grayling, and all five species of salmon. These rivers and streams include Moraine Creek, Brooks River, Upper and Lower American Creek, Kulik River, Copper River, Talarik Creek and as far South as the Egegik River and Ugashik Narrows to name a few.

While much of our fishing is for trout, we do spend as much time as our anglers desire going after salmon. We have boats on both the Nushigak and Alagnak rivers that provide for incredible chinook or king salmon fishing, and quite possibly the best chum and silver fishing on the planet.

Why Are We Unique

What makes the No See Um Lodge experience unique from other lodges is that we don’t typically do “drop offs”. Our client-to-aircraft ratio is unlike any other lodge in Alaska: three beavers for 12 anglers. This means we don’t need to drop and run back for the next load. For you, this means no waiting for airplanes. You’re able to fish where you want, when you want and are not forced into a rigid schedule of destinations based on accommodating a large number of people. You will never find yourself left behind to be picked up for the second fly out.

Alaska is known for its spectacular fishing. But, like every fishery around the world, it has its ups and downs. Weather, water levels, food supplies-all can impact a system to produce less than desired results. When you are fishing with the “other” guys you are stuck-good or bad. With No See Um, you will have the ability to pack up and try a different river, or even head back to the lodge if weather or some other unforeseen event arises.

Now that you know where we are located and why we are different, don’t waste another moment before planning your ultimate Alaskan fly fishing adventure only at No See Um Lodge! Book today—the fish are waiting!

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