Current open positions for the 2020 season are listed below.  Below each job description is a link to apply.  Please note that applications without a resume will not be considered.

Imagine a very small town with 11 full time residents and 10 guests a week.  Completely off the grid and road system and accessible via aircraft or boat only.  We make or process our own power, water and all normal utilities. We bring in food and supplies via barge or aircraft, some weekly and some seasonally. The job requires a basic understanding of nearly anything related to these process.

Position is largely self regulated so requires a motivated, self starter with good organizational skills and a good basic troubleshooting mentality.

Term:  Position starts late May and runs through early October. 

Compensation: Monthly salary of $3000 + tips.  Provided-Travel from Anchorage, all room and board, meals.  Not provided- basic gear and clothes, alcoholic beverages, personal necessities.

Duties: Maintenance, operation and/or repair of the following systems- water, septic, fuel, electrical, grounds keeping, garbage, dock operations, machine and motor and shop control. Daily guest and staff interactions so communication skills are required.

  • Water system- filter servicing, possible pump, heater or plumbing repair or maintenance. 
  • Septic system-  hopefully very little but can include tank pumping or troubleshooting.
  • Fuel systems- Onsite storage, transfer and control of 100LL AV fuel, diesel fuel, regular gasoline and propane.
  • Electrical- Two diesel generators, always one in operation producing all electrical power. Weekly oil change and servicing. Possible troubleshooting and repair but not likely, fuel management.
  • Grounds keeping- basic lawn maintenance- fertilizing, mowing, weed wacking.
  • Garbage- Land fill control, incinerator operation, metal/glass control for off site removal.
  • Dock Operations-  Catching, releasing, loading, and unloading of float planes and boats. Dock fueling operations.
  • Machines and motors include boats- inboard and outboard engines-general servicing and maintenance, possible troubleshooting. Diesel generators- general servicing and maintenance, possible troubleshooting. Toyo stove water and space heaters. Small engines-lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed eaters among a few. 

I’m not looking for a full blown engine mechanic but basic troubleshooting and repair abilities are a must.  If your background hasn’t included some sort of mechanical work this job isn’t for you. I know that nobody has experience in everything listed but if you can read and understand instructions, follow a YouTube video or in some cases, logically and analytically process a problem most everything will seem fairly basic.