What are the physical demands for the trip?

We offer the unique ability to customize each individual trip. This doesn’t mean we can fly to a different destination for every person but with three Beaver float planes and only 12 anglers, we can plan each day based on individual needs and desires. We have over 30 different locations to choose from. Some require a little walking, some a lot. Many require none at all- land, get out and fish. Some destinations require the use of a jet boat or inflatable raft. Our most senior guest was 97 and our youngest was 7.

I’ve never fly fished or am very new, can I do this?

Alaska is the place to learn. Why not catch fish while you learn? And really there is no substitute for learning to land fish better than actually doing it. All our guides are instructors and can have the most novice anglers catching in very short order. Our average casting distances requirements are less than 30’ and often much less. That’s not to say that distance and ability don’t count for anything, we will always help to improve an anglers effectiveness and knowledge.

What do I really need to buy/bring for this trip?

Many anglers will bring their own rods, reels, waders, boots and rain gear. With the increased difficulties in airline travel it can be tricky getting everything into allowed baggage so we offer loaner rods and reels at no charge. You will need to bring your own under layers and rain jacket. We recommend a good pair of fleece pants, a mid-weight poly or fleece top, a couple pairs of warm socks and a light jacket that can be worn under a rain coat. We recommend you bring a small backpack for carrying extra layers, as we do get some very nice weather at times. Simms Fishing gear makes some of the best outdoor/fishing gear available. We offer some of their best options for sale at the lodge. We supply all terminal tackle, ie- flies, tippets, lures etc., loaner hemostats and give each guest a custom-embroidered cap. Check out our packing guide!

What if I want to arrive/depart early?

If you need to arrive or depart other than our standard change over day, an extra flight to King Salmon will be required. If we are able, we will use our own aircraft. If not, we will charter a local air taxi company to complete the transfer. Price will range between $450 – $500. You will also be required to purchase a ticket between King Salmon and Anchorage, as our charter flight is only on Monday. Tickets can be purchased at www.alaskaair.com. Please contact us for more information and help with these arrangements.

Is flying in Alaska safe?

Statistically it’s safer than driving. That doesn’t mean it’s without risk and anyone getting into a bush plane should understand the risks involved. Alaska is famous for its remote, rugged environment, it’s why you are thinking about coming and the reason it’s still pristine. You will find that its very difficult to get any real information about specific Alaskan operators or lodges and even if you did it might not provide you with anything that would minimize your risk. Pilots move around, lodges change hands, management changes. The best and possibly only way to minimize your risk is to ask questions and be aware. What type of airplane are you flying? What does the operator require for experience in a pilot? What is the operator’s policy and attitude on weather? Do they have a plan for weather days and do they stick with it? Our policy is pretty simple, there isn’t a fish in the world worth risking personal safety. We will always choose the conservative option, this means you may sit on the ground while others are flying but you won’t be flying and wishing you were on the ground. We use only the Dehavilland Beaver, the finest, most capable float plane ever built. We take our aircraft maintenance and care very seriously. Most people that get in one of our airplanes for the first time will comment on the condition. While cosmetics doesn’t make for a safer trip, it does say something about the businesses priorities.

What do I need in regards to a license?

Alaska State law requires that all anglers 16 years of age and older purchase a fishing license. If fishing for King Salmon (only between June 15-July 31) an additional stamp must be purchased. Licenses must be carried at all times while fishing. You will purchase your license and stamp online and bring a printed copy with you.

Can I bring fish home?

Retention of pacific salmon is allowed. Bag limits vary depending on the type of salmon and waters fished. Many of our guests take fish home, Sockeye, King and Silver salmon are the species most desired for eating. We will fillet, vacuum seal and freeze your fish for the return flight. We package them in a wax coated freezer box that can be checked as baggage. If you have a layover of more than three hours it’s advisable to make sure the airline puts it in a freezer or use one of the airport services offered for game and fish.

Does the lodge offer laundry service?

No, we do not offer laundry services. However, if you have extended travel plans, or take an accidental swim in the river, we will work with you to ensure you have clean, dry clothes.

Is there fishing available at night?

Our location on the Kvichak allows for fishing anytime you didn’t get your fill during normal hours. We have approximately 300 yards of gravel beach. Our beach is a normal trout holding/feeding area, depth ranges from a foot out to about 20’. We don’t typically see trout over 20 inches here but have caught them up to 27”.

What is there to do at the lodge?

Most people enjoy relaxing after a full day of fishing. Our hot tub is a favorite as is the sauna. A roaring fire in the gazebo with a cocktail meets many peoples definition of relaxing. Many of our staff enjoy a spirited card game and some people think we might be hustling at the horseshoe pits. We have wireless internet, satellite television and a good selection of reading material. Check out a list of our amenities!

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