COVID-19 Update (as of March 30, 20)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for the country and the world but we might be seeing the light at the end.  We have been planning, purchasing and moving forward as though we will open as scheduled.  According to a recent study put out by the University of Washington, we can expect this to peak in April with steady improvement following.  By June we should be looking good with Alaska open to travel.

Please feel free to contact John with concerns or questions as things move forward.  We are looking forward to getting back out there and I’m sure you are too! 

COVID-19 Update (as of March 20, 20)

We are still booking for the 2020 season!

Obviously we are going through a tough time with a high levels of uncertainty and apprehension about the weeks and months ahead.  I have had several inquiries about my plans for the summer. My answer is that we are several months out and making any decisions based on today’s constantly changing state of affairs would be premature.  If we get to a point where there will be a disruption in our summer schedule, either people cannot or do not want to attend, rest assured that I will do my best to make people as whole and happy as possible. I don’t expect this crisis to be completely finished by June but am hopeful that it’s at a point where people will be able to travel and with precautions, at a relatively low exposure risk. I continue to optimistically look forward to the summer and hope everyone weathers this period in our lives with minimal effects and we get to get back to fishing.

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