Things slow down during the winter, but we don’t spend all of our time around the lodge fireplace daydreaming about Alaskan fly fishing adventures. Yes, we look forward to the first spring melt in April, and visions of sockeye and rainbows are always dancing in our heads. Still, our No See Um crew stays pretty busy. If you wonder what we do up here at our Alaskan fishing lodge during the off-season, prepare to be surprised.

There’s Always Work to Be Done

It may be hard to believe, but not everything we do up here is glamorous. We deal with the same winter chores that you take care of, but our sub-freezing days and nights require heavy winterizing around the lodge. We don’t just insulate pipes. Our chimneys, heater intake systems and propane tanks need special protection. We do our fair share of snow shoveling too because that boardwalk to the hot tub and sauna won’t clear itself. Of course, it’s important to make sure that the open bar is always stocked. We never know when company might drop by.

We Still Have Plenty of Fun

If you imagine us hunting and ice fishing during the winter, we confess to loving both. Living off the land is an Alaskan tradition, and appreciating this wilderness paradise runs in our blood. Where else can you go wolf watching just a few miles from the back door? How often can you look up and count bald eagles soaring overhead? When was the last time you heard North America’s largest owl sing his evening love songs? These are just a few of our favorite winter things, and we take pictures like crazy too. For us, the cold months are almost like a vacation.

The Northern Light Skies Dance at Night

Our amateur photography talents aren’t limited to winter treks through Katmai National Park or the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. We aim our cameras at the nighttime skies and capture the world’s most incredible light show. It starts with a faint glow and slowly builds into an incredible curtain of colors. Our Northern Lights ripple and dance as they drape the sky with brilliant reds, blues, purples and greens. It always takes our breath away, and the dazzling display is different every night. Did we mention that this miracle only happens during the winter up here?

We know that our coldest months don’t appeal to everybody in the Lower 48. That’s OK because we make the most of our downtime. When we see you in April, the lodge will be in top shape. The rivers will be running with dollies and bows chasing salmon fry, and we’ll be saving you a place here on the banks of the Kvichak. When you’re ready for the Alaskan fly fishing trip of a lifetime, No See Um Lodge will be ready for you.

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