We can guess what you’re thinking, and we agree. Nobody learns fly fishing by watching YouTube. On the other hand, anybody can go from being curious to buying their first waders with the right inspiration. Besides, it’s just fun to watch videos that cover rods and reels and flies and fish. Put “how to” in front of these 10 selections, let your fingers do the clicking, and enjoy.

1. Put Together Your First Rod, Reel and Line


This video does a great job of explaining the basics. The sponsoring tackle shop is based in Wisconsin, but we don’t hold that against narrator Tim Landwehr. We like his easy style and the way he keeps it all interesting.

2. Fish With Wet Flies and Nymphs


Orvis has put together a smart series with its video lessons, and the format is really user-friendly. In this one, host Tom Rosenbauer covers everything you thought you knew about nymphing. OK, he also covers a lot that you already know, but the quality of this series is outstanding.

3. Tie an Adams Fly


From Fly Fishing Daily, Jim Misiura introduces basic fly tying for beginners. We like this one because Jim’s instructions are very clear and easy to follow. We also admire anybody who can make a video about tying flies while wearing a Band-Aid on one thumb.

4. Master the Morrish Mouse


We picked this one out of a dozen great fly tying videos available at InTheRiffle.com. Notice the taper that the narrator trims into the body as he finishes up. We’d give him credit, but the video doesn’t, so we just thank him for the pointers.

5. Conquer a Kenai River Sockeye Rig


Brian Smith from the Peninsula Clarion is correct. It’s just plain fun to tie your own, and we like his strategy with the red hooks. Sure, this is basic stuff, but remember when you tried it for the first time? Credit Smith for making something simple really watchable.

6. Wrapping a Hareball Leech


In this video from Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, the narrator assumes that you know the basics as he shows you his take on tying one of the most effective patterns for catching salmon. He makes it almost look easy, so we’re impressed.

7. Read Any Kind of Water


We have to give another tip of the rod to Orvis. From currents and cover to pools and pockets, Rosenbauer talks and walks us through every setting. While we don’t expect to read droughts up here any time soon, we appreciate how much water these videos wade through.

8. Test a 3D-Printed Reel


No, we haven’t, and yes, we sure will if we get the chance. No, we can’t imagine it replacing our favorite reels, but yes, it’ll probably show up in pro shops one of these days. Field and Stream’s Joe Cermele tackles this one with just the right touch of humor.

9. Imagine That You’re in the Last Frontier


This one is so easy. Just watch the video. We high five National Geographic for outstanding camera work. If these images don’t inspire you to book a trip up here, we highly recommend that you move on to Number 10.

10. Plan the Alaskan Fly Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime

We don’t consider this shameless self-promotion. These videos really do show you how to explore everything we have here at the lodge. Fly in with us, stalk some trout and land some salmon. Just click, and spend quality digital time at the very best fly fishing lodge in Alaska.

You have to love the Internet. It gives our favorite outdoor sport an online reach that keeps us all connected. We enjoy following every channel, blog and tweet. Let us know about the videos that keep you tuned in especially the ones that celebrate fly fishing in Alaska. Check back with us here too. New No See Um video productions are always just around the next digital corner.

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