Spring is almost here! To celebrate we’re offering a couple deals for this summer.

Join us for the excitement of opening week at discount of $1,500.  The opener is primarily a trout only week since salmon haven’t showed up yet.  Rainbows haven’t fed much all winter, so they are hungry and aggressive.  If you like excessive sunshine and catching trout on mice, nymphs, fry, streamers, or dries than opening week is perfect for you! Submit the below form get more details or sign up.
A week at No See Um is more than just a fishing trip, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  We want you to share this adventure with your family.  Husband-wife, parents-kids, grandparents-grandkids, or the whole family.  Bring another family member with you the week of July 26 – August 5th and get a discount.  Greater discounts for a group of 4 or more family members.  It’s a great week for a variety of fishing with trout, chums, silvers, char, and grayling around.  If you’re looking to get kids into fishing this is a great time of the season with good weather and a lot of action.  Submit the below form get more details.

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