November, 2018

Dubai -> Seychelles  -> Zambia

Dubai -> Seychelles -> Zambia

Hosted trip 2018 DUBAI Early October I returned home from the lodge and over four months of flying and guiding. I was home five days before getting on a plane for a long ride to Dubai for a day of fishing for queenfish with my son Jack and Mark W.  Ocean Active operates a very well run fishing operation right in Dubai, very convenient for the traveler passing through or businessman with a half-day to kill. We met our guides at the pier about 7am and boarded a 32′ open fiberglass boat followed by a short ride no more than a mile off-shore. Our guide was searching for birds and quickly located a flock working bait. We got within 75 yards where we could see the queenfish savaging the bait, it looked like a large number of fish and also very fast moving. The guide used a spinning rod to launch a teaser into the school then ripped it back as fast as humanly possible. The teaser was viscous attacked several times before retreating into our 10wt casting range where we were ready with several varieties of bait fish patterns. A long, fast strip resulted in a very solid grab, if only our trout fishermen brain could remember to NOT LIFT the rod, followed by a blistering run with multiple jumps and a very impressive fight. In our half day of fishing we probably had a dozen queenfish on, landed five or six as well as a few kingfish. Ocean Active has several locations and fishing options within driving of Dubai and I’m excited for my return and next adventure with them. That evening Jack and I made our way to the Mall of the Emirates where we did some downhill skiing on the only indoor ski mountain in the middle east. It wasn’t Tahoe, or even Alyeska, but with two tow pulls and a real chair lift it was worth the effort and even the cold hands before venturing back out into the hot evening air for a couple of miles walking back to our hotel. SEYCHELLES The next day we boarded our flight to Mahe’, Seychelles where we met with the rest of our group for dinner and drinks. Mahe’ is the largest island of the Seychelles located about 1000 miles east of Africa in the Indian Ocean. This is the last big airport before boarding a chartered flight to Alphonse Island, about 250 miles to the south. Alphonse atoll is tiny, total island area is only .66 of a mile. The lodge is really the only thing on the island and all guests get around on bicycles. It’s your typical tropical paradise with lush, green jungles, white sand beaches and nothing else. The island has a resident population of giant tortoise, the largest we encountered was at least 600lbs and named George. Each guest is assigned a private ocean bungalow with outside shower, air conditioning and bicycle. Breakfast is at 6:30, after breakfast anglers loaded lunches and […]

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