2013 season is in the books and goes down as another great year. I personally guided more on “new” water than I did on our traditional rivers. Much of this “exploration” was only possible because we don’t practice the “drop and go” fishing experience. Anyone that has been dropped off at a location, watched the plane leave and then discovered that things are not as expected, can appreciate our program. Several rivers that typically fish very well and are generally predictable were not quite “normal” in 2013. I recall several days that weather was also an issue and heard people comment, as we departed, that they were very happy to have that option.

Overall the weather was better than the past few years with some incredibly nice weather in June and July. Our salmon runs were, for the most part, good. The Nushigak King run was typical and fished about as expected while the Alagnak run was in line with the last few years, some great days with more days doing something else. The Alagnak Silver Salmon run was a definite bright spot with great numbers and an extended season. Again the “no dropping” practice paid off as we able to fish several holes and then move on to a different river for the afternoon.

Trout fishing overall, was very good. Many longtime guests were thrilled with the opportunity to fish new water and found some new favorites. As is the norm, June and July produced our best weather and least numbers of competing anglers. August and September provided some big, fat trout but also tends to be the most popular time for Southwest Alaska, again having exclusive rights to a beaver allows for on the go changing of plans.

Life around the lodge was smooth with our attentive, dedicated staff. I got many comments on how good they all were and expect most to be there in 2014. The new gazebo was a huge success, well worth the wait, and many enjoyable evenings were passed around the fire and horseshoe pits. I also witnessed more people in the river than normal, some water skiing and swimming but most just taking a quick cool down dip from the sauna.

We had another successful year using Trans Northern for our Anchorage-King Salmon flights and anticipate the same for 2014.

John Holman
President, Pilot & Guide

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