Imagine asking a fly fisherman here in Alaska about tweets 10 years ago. Picture that same angler scratching his head and wondering why you wanted to talk about chickadees. Today, Twitter has everybody hooked, and we can’t resist hashing the tags. Here’s our list of 10 Twitter accounts that every fly fisherman should follow.

1. Fly Fishing Report @FlyFishReport

This latest entry in the Twitterverse doesn’t have a website yet. They do have a passion for everything about fly fishing, and their tweets hook up with breaking news, plenty of pics and great videos. FFR promises to go live in the next few months, so we strongly recommend staying tuned.

2. Simms Fishing @SimmsFishing

If you’re one of the oldest fly fishing gear companies in the world, you tweet about it. We give Simms credit for focusing on tips, techniques and conservation without overselling their goods. Interested in a beautiful shot of rainbows charging minnows? Yes, they lure us in with wonderful photography.

3. Sage Fly Fishing @SageFlyFish

Again, we’re linking up with commercial tweets, but founder Don Green always had our respect as one of the world’s master fly rod designers. It’s good to see his legacy live on in the digital world. Enjoy a mix of breaking news and breathtaking pictures. Yes, they also bait us with product updates.

4. Redington @RedingtonGear

We aren’t endorsing. We just call them like we follow them. Redington’s innovative products are always worth a quick read. Besides, one click leads to another, and suddenly you’re linked up with a fly fishing story on the other side of the globe. No, they don’t tempt us with enough pictures.

5. April Vokey @AprilVokey

We’re OK that she’s down in British Columbia because she’s developed her Fly Gal guide service into a network with worldwide connections. For a dedicated conservationist, Vokey has a seriously entertaining attitude, and that makes her tweets worth following. We always learn something new too.

6. Field & Stream @FieldandStream

We wonder at what the first publishers of this icon might think if you could transport them here from 1895. We marvel at how well an old flagship bridges the divide between print and tweet. Enjoy top-notch content that’s always relevant even if it doesn’t give us as much fly fishing as we’d like.

7. Fly Dreamers @FlyDreamers

If you dream about angling adventures around the world, check out this global network. Brown trout in France, rainbows in Patagonia and salmon in Norway are a few of the most recent tweets that take you there in an instant. They need a lot more of our Alaskan best, so hook up with this community now.

8. Fly Fishing Daily @FlyFishingDaily

They aren’t kidding. They update every day with the latest news, and we’re impressed. Tweets range from fishing reports and tying flies to saltwater fly fishing for bass. Granted, this tale is about angling off the coast of Scotland, but it’s a good example of why we enjoy following FFD.

9. Fishing Quotes @The_Fishin_life‬

Doug Larson, Charles Waterman and Thomas McGuane are just a few of the names you’ll recognize. Others are less-famous fly fisherman like us who somehow capture the essence of what we all love in 140 characters. This is easily our favorite entry in the fly fishing Twitterverse.

10. No See Um Lodge @‪NoSeeUmLodge_AK

We’ve been pretty good about not including ourselves in previous lists of the best, but we can’t resist. If you’d asked us about tweets 10 years ago, we’d be scratching our heads too. It’s a brave, new digital world, and we’re glad that it’s finally caught up with the best sport on the entire planet.

Tweets can’t compete with the song of a rushing river or the sigh of wind blowing through towering pines. That’s a given, but they do offer endless opportunities to cast countless lines of communication and land some relaxing entertainment at the end of a perfect day. As long as it’s about fly fishing in Alaska, we’re happy here at No See Um Lodge. Can we sum that up in 140 characters? Just follow us and find out.

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