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John Holman

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John Holman (Owner/Pilot/Guide)

John’s dad, Jack Holman, founded the lodge in 1975 and John took over lodge operation in 2007. John and his wife, Kari, have three children, Sydney, Jack, and Luke.
Hometown: Born in New York and moved with family to the Alaskan bush in 1970
Lives In: Resides in Wasilla, Alaska during the winter months
Experience: Guiding and flying since the age of 19
Started at No See Um Lodge: John grew up at the lodge
Licenses and Certifications: Commercial Pilot, SES, Flight Instructor, AI (Aircraft Inspector), Coast Guard Captain First Aid, CPR First Responder
Hobbies: Flying, hunting, fishing, scuba diving, riding snowmobiles, spending time with Kari and the kids
Contact Info: You can contact John via email at or phone at (907) 273-0030

Chris Anderson (Pilot/Guide)Chris Anderson (Pilot/Guide)

Chris has a natural flying ability not found in many people. He has proven himself many times over as a very safe, professional pilot.
Hometown: Born in Georgia, raised in Alaska
Lives In: Alaska
Experience: Chris started his flying career in high school. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1994 with a BS in Eco Systems Science and Management. He then came to work at the lodge in 2000 as a maintenance man.
Started at No See Um Lodge: 2000
Licenses and Certifications: Commercial Pilot, SES, Coast Guard Captain, First Aid, CPR First Responder
Hobbies: Flying, hunting, traveling, spending time with his wife Sarah and son Knox.

Caleb Hitzfeld: Fishing guideCaleb Hitzfeld (Guide)

Caleb has gained a reputation for being a very competent, solid guide. He has an extensive background in all types of fishing, is an accomplished fly tier and knows how fish think.
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Lives In: Forks, WA
Experience: Worked at Lee’s Ferry Anglers on the Colorado River for 3 years. He began guiding in Alaska in 2004.
Started At No See Um Lodge: 2008
Licenses and Certifications: Coast Guard Captain, First Aid, CPR First Responder
Hobbies: Fishing, Tying flies, raising his daughter
Contact Info: Caleb operates a steelhead guide service in Forks Washington in the winter months. You can contact him via his website

Logan Johnson (Guide)Logan Johnson (Guide)

As life long fisherman, Logan decided to leave a career in hospitality management to guide full time and hasn’t looked back. When not guiding Logan spends his off seasons either hunting Tarpon in the Keys or fishing for Salmon and Steelhead all over the west coast.
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Lives In:Vail, CO/Glyde, OR
Experience: Started guiding full time in 2008 specializing in technical trout fishing year round in Colorado
Started At No See Um Lodge: 2016
Licenses and Certifications: Coast Guard Captain, CPR/First Aid, Rowing Instructor
Hobbies: Bow Hunting, Fly Tying, Whitewater Rafting and Snowboarding

Service Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 6 reviews
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10th annual trip to NoSeeUm!

5 5 1
I started as a novice and the guides have been patient and kind in teaching me how to catch lots of rainbows and char. We also fish for king salmon during the week we're there, which is another highlight.

First time fishing experience

5 5 1
I have never fished before and after some casting lessons from Dave (I probably should have paid more attention) and the other guides I was with (Calab and Grey) I actually caught fish, and lots off them !

First of Many to Come

5 5 1
The icing on the cake is the landscape and wildlife. It was enough to make me forget why I was there a few times each day. It was a stunning experience that I hope to share with John and his crew several times in the future.

The trip of a lifetime! Great fishing, great people, great location, and an unbelievable experience!

5 5 1
John Holman and the crew at Noseeumlodge go above and beyond to make sure your week is the best possible. The pilots and guides are top notch and do whatever it takes to put you on the fish! The lodge is amazing, the food is delicious and the staff is great!

August Fly Fishing

4 5 1
No See Um Lodge Staff is the best in the business!! John and his staff go out of their way to ensure every guest has a memorable experience at his facility. I found every guide to be patient and more than willing to educate on the finer points of fly fishing.